We attempt to arrange, as much as possible, a safe investment with a good return. Regarding returns, there are two programs available. A higher rate of return is offered for investments and is funded for amounts up to 70% of a property’s value.

A more conservative return can be obtained for a note that does not exceed 50% of the subject property’s value.

All loans involve Escrow and a Title Insurance Policy and is purchased for each loan. All notes and Deeds of Trust have the lender/investor listed as the Beneficiary according to their percentage interest in the investment. The investors are also listed on the Title Policy and Insurance Policy as the insured. Although some loans may have more than one investor, we do not utilize a fund or “blind pool” as we feel too much of the investor’s control can be lost with such funding vehicles. All properties are inspected prior to funding and property taxes and hazard insurance are tracked on an ongoing basis.